back to childhood

Recently I got the opportunity to perform with the orchestra that I grew up being a part of since the age of 8.  It was such a unique experience to revisit my childhood friends and mentors and work with them with a new perspective.  Here are a couple photos from that night.  Thank you especially to David Benoit and the Asia America Symphony!  

"Harmonic Allusions" // Ensemble75


Check out a recent project I got to be a part of--

My friend Jonathan Tsay, artistic director of Ensemble75, ( ) worked with a plethora of talented local musicians to create this fantastic selection of lesser-known works.  I was given a great opportunity to learn a piece, a true gem, that I had never previously heard.  That being William Grant Still's Suite for violin and piano.  The second movement especially, titled "Mother and Child" is an absolutely gorgeous, intimate composition that has become a new favorite of mine.  


Here is a recent review of the CD by Mark Lowry for TheaterJones  //

some highlights  //

"The first shocking moment on the recording, though, is the William Grant Still Suite for Violin and Piano from 1943, a work that may not be neglected—it's the only selection on the disc outside of the Messiaen that I've heard more than once—but has certainly been waiting for Eleanor Dunbar's attention."

"Dunbar does a fantastic job on the piece, better than anyone else I've heard."

check it out! 


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I'm done!!

I am officially done with my undergraduate studies at SMU! It has been a crazy four years that honestly flew by. Thank you so much to my professor Emanuel Borok for everything he has done for me. It is difficult to explain how much his guidance and support means to me. Thank you to everyone who came and supported me in my senior recitals in both Texas and California. It was so great to reconnect with friends and family that I had not seen in a while!

performing with the Richardson Symphony

I had such a wonderful time performing the Sibelius Concerto with the Richardson Symphony and Maestro Clay Couturiaux!  I performed on a beautiful 1840 Vuillaume generously on loan from David Brewer Fine Violins.  Thank you to all my friends who came to support me!